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Our intention here is to coalesce all the calls to unite globally behind a positive intention for our waters.  Please list your event on our calendar, and we will do our best to spread the news.  We envision every day, every hour, someone anchoring the greater good of earth's waters and inviting others to connect with them for the good of us all!

We are reminded by Dr Masuru Emoto: “Everything in the world is linked....Whenever you sit in front of water and send out messages of love and gratitude, somewhere in the world, someone is being filled with love and gratitude. You don’t need to go anywhere. The water right in front of you is linked to…all the water in the world. The water you’re looking at will resonate with water everywhere, and your message of love will reach the souls of all the people in the world.” (THE HIDDEN MESSAGES IN WATER. Masuru Emoto)
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