Water Blessing~ Share your practices

"Start talking to the water, as I believe our Mother Earth is angry at us. We aren't grateful to the water, and she's calling it back. When you drink the water, bless it," writes Grandmother Agnes Baker-Pilgrim,
Chairperson of the Thirteen International Indigenous Grandmothers.
I have several ceremonies and personal practices around water. My favorite is to share how simple a water blessing can be. I ask that you take a glass of water and sip from it and then take that same glass and  send love, praise, sing (what ever positive that you connect with) into the water. Then I ask you to sip the water and compare the difference. The difference is palpable. Once you understand how simple it is you can incorporate the practice into your daily life by sending a Blessing to all bodies of water that you come into contact with. This is something simple that everyone can do.  LaVonne

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