About our community...

LaVonne Rees:
I'll start by sharing my story about how I came to be so passionate about water. I believe I came into my adult world as a left brain thinker, very analytical.  It wasn't until life circumstances brought me back into the reality of the Sacred Feminine that I  began to balance my left and right brain activities. I started Holistic classes and became an energy healer. From there I started facilitating Women's retreats for other Women who felt out of balance.
After my first real retreat I was driving home from Sedona, and I started speaking about Dolphins (why in the middle of the desert only divinity knows). I started speaking about how they had a message to share with us. Imagine myself and the shock speaking these words that I had no idea where they were coming from, while in my "other" world I might be considered a little crazy for speaking. However, my body's response was excited, and it knew I had to follow the awareness into action. For my next birthday I went to Kauai, out in the waters and received a message telepathically from a spinner Dolphin.  He (or she) did a beautiful Dance about 20 feet from me.  Our gaze met at eye level, and I received the message that I was to send my energy work back into the water to assist with her healing. From that day forward I started ceremonies and finding every way to complete that action.
Over the years I have come across others with this passion and about 9 months ago felt a desire to bring all of us together, yet allow us to keep to our authentic paths and purposes. 
So here I am.  I believe I am a bridge connector, a weaver of sorts.  That is my story.
Jeanie DeRousseau:
I too have spent a good number of my adult years in analytical mode, as a physical anthropologist studying evolution, researching biological systems, using data bases statistically to present perspectives on whole systems.  It was the birth of my daughter Ariel that catalyzed my feminine side.
I met LaVonne through Evolutionary Women, a natural place for an anthropologist evolving her feminine nature.  At an EW event in December 2008, I remember that we exchanged passions, hers about water, mine about connecting people who shared the same passion.  (I too had had a moment when a message came to me to transform the Internet into a vehicle to serve human evolution... yikes!)  I was busy reaching into the next steps for LightPages, trying to imagine into what was needed to match up right partners.  I remember noting that water "glowed" in my inner space.  I felt it would definitely be a focus for humanity learning together about their Oneness.
After much evolutionary water under the bridge, I have now moved to Lake Worth, Florida, just months before the oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico.  While every time I swim, I sense the imminence of the oil, I also see light through the black water as it awakens so many of us to our misuse of earth's resources.  When LaVonne just "happened" to be coming to Fort Lauderdale for a business meeting, "water" came rushing back into focus...  we both could feel the time was ripe.
I hope that you find the invitation of this website, backed up by Water Convergence pages at LightPages, to be an attractor where together we may experience just how many of us are united by our concern for the earth and the water that we are.